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Falmouth Maine Water Fire Mold Damage

If your property in Falmouth Maine is hit with a water, fire or mold damage be sure to call the professionals. ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration has been serving the Falmouth area for over 25 years. We have state of the art equipment and IICRC certified technicians who are available 24/7/365.

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Water Damage Falmouth Maine: It is critical to call a professional as soon as possible if you’ve had water damage your home. Water can wick up walls and through building materials over time creating secondary damage. If left unattended for days, it will also begin to grow mold. At ServiceMaster, we have powerful extraction equipment that can remove most of the water from carpets or a basement. From there we install powerful air movers and dehumidifiers. We also have specialty equipment to dry behind walls, ceilings and floors. falmouth maine water damage

Fire Damage Falmouth Maine: A fire in a home or businesses can be an extremely emotional experience. It can also disrupt your life and work. Soot and smoke travel throughout a building, following air currents. We will do whatever it takes to get your life back to normal. Our IICRC certified technicians are trained to be meticulous, ensuring that your building and all of its contents are clean.  We have advanced odor neutralizing technology to remove all of the smells from the soot and smoke so that your home feels like your home again. falmouth maine fire damage

Mold Damage Falmouth Maine: Mold will grow anywhere that is warm and dark, has limited air movement and has access to moisture. Once established, mold can be extremely difficult to eradicate and can create lingering health issues for families and employees in a workspace. ServiceMaster will remove the moisture so that the mold will not grow. Then with our advanced cleaning techniques, we will remove the mold and the spores. We have state-of-the-art anti-microbial solutions, as well as air filtration and dry ice blasting capabilities. We work with your hygienist and your insurance company to make sure you have a healthy home and workplace.

Trauma, Bio Hazard and Blood Clean up: Blood and bodily fluids can be extremely dangerous and carry pathogens that can potentially kill someone. It is imperative that it is cleaned up quickly and the area is properly sanitized. Trauma, bio hazard and blood cleaning requires the right equipment and personal protective gear as well as technicians with the experience to ensure the job is done completely.

ServiceMaster is located in Falmouth, Maine at 60 Gray Road. We have helped thousands of homeowners and business owners across the state of Maine. We have emergency crews standing by.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration

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servicemaster falmouth maineServiceMaster Falmouth Maine also serves surrounding towns such as Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Westbrook, Gorham, Yarmouth and Cumberland.


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