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Faulty Wiring Can Turn a Water Damage into a Fire Damage

Fire Damage Lewiston Maine Fire damage and water damage often occur at the same time. When walls and ceilings get wet because of burst pipe, electrical outlets and wiring can become a serious safety concern. Old and outdated electrical systems can turn a small […]


Winterizing a Home in Maine & Preventing Water Damage

 Preventing Water Damage during Maine Winters – Lewiston Maine The weather outside is getting frightful, and now is the time to prepare your home for the long winter ahead. Water damage can be a nightmare. Winterizing your home now will protect it from harsh […]


Augusta Mold, and Water Damage Clean-up Resources

Augusta Mold, Water and Sewage Clean -up The Maine State Government in Augusta has many resources for Mold, Water and Sewage clean up posted on their website. The cleaning of damage caused by mold, water and sewage is regulated to different degrees. Remediation companies […]


Interesting Blog on Water Damage

Water Damage Augusta Maine   Water Damage in Augusta Maine can happen at any time. We deal with different weather patterns, termperatures and flood levels in the Kennebec Valley that places in the US. Every region has different tips and techniques. Check out the […]


3 Exciting Ways to Invite Firefighters, EMT’s and Plumbers to Your Thanksgiving

Cooking Fire Damage Augusta Maine There are ways to prevent cooking fires like this that caused fire damage in Augusta Maine and there are ways to make sure that you have a great chance of having your Thanksgiving ruined. 1.    Don’t use that pesky […]


Cleaning Up After Halloween Mischief

Maine Cleaning After Halloween Halloween often provides a perfect opportunity for youngsters endowed with an overabundance of energy and an underabundance of wisdom to make a royal mess of things.  Since it would be a safe bet that you won’t find them with armed […]


Ten Ways To Burn Down Your House

Fire Prevention and Fire Cleaning – Bethel Maine House fires kill people. But, unlike tsunamis and earthquakes, they are preventable. Most of us have heard fire prevention rules since we were in second grade, but have buried some of them along with several state […]


Six Facts About Protein Fires

Fire Damage Brunswick Maine Protein fires create an especially unique restoration challenge. Fire damage caused by burnt food can also create odor issues which are difficult to mitigate. Here are some important facts regarding this type of fire. Protein fires generally leave little visible […]


Mold Remediation Portland Maine

Mold Remediation Portland Maine Some mold remediation jobs require a specialized kind of mold removal. Certain building materials (framing work and cement block, for example) and sometimes the size of the job require a faster way of mold removal than hand HEPA vacuuming. In […]

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