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Mold Removal Falmouth Maine

Mold Removal Falmouth Maine Mold can cause serious health conditions especially for seniors and children. Mold is a living organism that excretes waste. It also produce  mycotoxins which are self defense mechanisms for the individual species of mold fighting for resources with other mold […]


Rangeley Fire and Water Restoration

Rangeley Fire & Water Restoration Second homes in Maine have significant fire and water restoration challenges. If a home is left unattended for a large portion of the year water damage can quickly turn into a mold problem and small hazards can create a […]


Smoke Cleaning Maine

Smoke Cleaning Maine Obviously, fires can be extremely dangerous and smoke cleaning can affect every surface.  But one of the underappreciated dangers of fire in a home is its speed.  Nearly everything in modern homes is made with synthetic materials (i.e. sofas, carpet, etc.).  […]


Water Damage Freeport Maine

Water Damage Freeport Maine Water Damage in a home or business can have a variety of sources. Each different source will require different mitigation techniques from a mitigation company and has the potential to cause different forms of water damage to a home or […]


ServiceMaster Portland Maine

ServiceMaster Portland Maine At ServiceMaster Portland Maine, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. ServiceMaster has been in business in Portland for over 25 years providing almost every cleaning service imaginable. We clean for homes and businesses day and night. Disaster Restoration – We’re On […]


Water Damage Rumford Maine

Water Damage Rumford Maine Water Damage can travel in all six directions. Water damage will be forced down by gravity. It will move left, right, forward and backward and water will also be wicked up building materials such as drywall, insulation and wooden studs. […]


Water Damage Auburn Maine

 Water Damage Auburn Maine There are various types of mitigation responses for water damage Auburn Maine. While at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration we have 24 hour, 7 day a week Emergency Response, the type of water that has affected a home will dictate […]


Maine Odor Removal

Maine Odor Removal Company In the war against odors a new weapon has been unleashed. Maine odor removal has just gotten more aggressive. Traditionally, the artillery in the arsenal of ServiceMaster Clean included ozone and thermal fogging. While effective, these methods are not safe […]


Maine Skunk Odor Removal

Skunk Odor Removal Maine Skunk odor removal doesn’t have to be a difficult process. ServiceMaster can help remove odors quickly and safely. It is that time of year when our furry four legged friends re-emerge from their winter retreats. The critters tend to hole […]


ServiceMaster Yarmouth Maine

ServiceMaster Yarmouth Maine At ServiceMaster of Yarmouth Maine, we provide carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, mold remediation, cleaning and restoration services for soot, smoke and fire damage. Our Yarmouth office is part of a larger organization with resources large enough to handle any size […]

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