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Water Damage Freeport Maine

Water Damage in a home or business can have a variety of sources. Each different source will require different mitigation techniques from a mitigation company and has the potential to cause different forms of water damage to a home or business.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration is available 24/7/365 day or night to respond to a water damage in your home or business.

Call us at (207) 539-4452 or (800) 244-7630 and you will always reach a live answer. We have crews standing by.

Be sure to understand the sources of the water as quickly as possible. This will make it easier to get claim information from your insurance carrier as well as to help the mitigation company get started.

Pipe Bursts: Since this is clean water most of what gets wet can be saved by drying in place. Pipes are often located in ceilings which affects walls and floors as well so that while a pipe burst may allow for drying it can affect a large part of the home or business.

Septic pipe bursts: Thankfully most of the issues with septic are limited to a basement however we do see lines rupture in every part of a structure. Due to the hazards of the contaminants in the sewage, most of what is affected is not salvageable. Building materials and contents will many times need to be removed and disposed of.

Flooding: Ground water can carry bio hazardous material as well as dirt, sand and clay. Most flooding occurs in basements where water comes over the foundation or up through a whole. Sump pump failures are a major source of water damage Freeport Maine and it is always advisable to check your pump periodically. In Freeport, we sometimes see ocean water affecting homes along the shoreline  or flooding from the Royal River.

It is important to get a qualified remediation company to any water damage as quickly as possible.

Call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration as quickly as possible. We have locations in Falmouth and Oxford and can be reached by one convenient number at (207) 539-4452.

Water Damage Freeport Maine

Water Damage Freeport Maine
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