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 Water Damage Auburn Maine

There are various types of mitigation responses for water damage Auburn Maine. While at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration we have 24 hour, 7 day a week Emergency Response, the type of water that has affected a home will dictate what materials in the home or business can be saved and what can’t be saved. Call (207) 539-4452.

Flood Damage Auburn Maine

Water Damage Auburn Maine

Water Damage is important to clearly understand what else is in the water that has affected a home. If the water is a clean source, such as a hot water heater or a sprinkler head, then most of the building materials can be saved. We can dry out a home or business (except for insulation which usually retains moisture and becomes ineffective after being wet and compressed). Sanitizing thoroughly will keep mold or microbial growth from becoming a threat.

Water Damage from ground water or water that has flowed through building materials is usually dealt with differently and we need to take more precautions. Some materials cannot be saved and carpet that has been wet for more than 12 hours is oftentimes removed.

Water Damage from an unclean source such as a sewage backup or water that has been in contact with bodily fluids or animal feces is treated in an entirely different way. There is very little building material that is typically saved as any material is deemed a health concern. Usually these water damage claims become more involved. Once materials are removed and the remaining material is dried thoroughly we sanitizing everything that has had any contact with the contaminated water. We will also de-odorize if necessary.

 If you have a Water Damage Auburn Maine call ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration 24/7/365. We have on call crews standing by to help you with any kind of water damage that you may have.

 Call (207) 539-4452 to speak to a live representative right here in Maine.

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