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Water Damage Repair and Your Health

ServiceMaster cares about water damage repair not only because we know the effect said damage can have on property values, but we also care about the health of the people we serve.  It’s no secret that water damage and the resulting mold contamination can create or exacerbate respiratory issues, particularly among the young and elderly.  A recent study, however, has linked untreated or improperly treated water damage with worsening atopic dermatitis (commonly known as eczema) in children.  Click here for a recent article.

The water itself can be a threat. If the water is carrying microorganisms or toxins, those pollutants can stay even after the water has receded. If the water has been standing for a long period of time, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Even water from a clean source can promote growth of these organisms.


Water damage repair

Water damage, if not cared for properly, often leads to mold. Mold produces toxins which can be incredibly harmful to children and the elderly in particular. Respiratory problems and cognitive disabilities are some of the most common issues but the health effects can be varied and very severe. If you are under treatment for skin and respiratory difficulties is best to look for environmental issues in your home.

It’s important to both identify water damage and then to take the appropriate measures to remove the source and eliminate excess moisture.  While many property owners may use fans and dehumidifiers to remove moisture following a water damage, moisture can continue to be a problem even after those efforts.

The key is using the right tools to identify where the moisture is and its severity.  “Eyeballing it” and using your hands are a surefire way to have no idea where the moisture is.  ServiceMaster uses advanced tools like penetrating and non-penetrating meters and in some cases infrared cameras to ensure that all areas affected by moisture have been identified and treated.

Water damage is not a small problem and should be treated with respect to preserve property value and health.

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  1. many cleaning company provide you to water damage cleaning service. it is needed because it is related to your health. this is nice blog..!

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