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Smoke Damage Clean Up Maine

After a small fire, chimney fire or furnace puffback, it’s not uncommon for a property owner to attempt a smoke damage clean up themselves.  However, this can often create additional problems and add additional time and cost to the restoration process.

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Smoke Damage Clean Up Maine

Smoke Cleaning Maine

Smoke Damage Clean Up Maine

Smoke Damage Clean up:  Smoke can penetrate walls  and soot is a particularly frustrating substance that does not respond well to typical cleaning methods.  As you can see in the picture above, the client in this instance attempted to clean the soot using a household cleaning agent.  The result was rubbing the soot deeper into the painted surface, creating additional damage.  The clean contrast line is an example of what we are able to do with a single pass of a “chem sponge.”  Contrary to its name, chem sponges contain no chemicals, but they are outstanding at removing a large portion of the soot before the final cleaning.

Cleaning Carpets, Linens and Clothes: The final cleaning can be completed using proprietary cleaning solutions that prevent the soot from “setting” and have an added benefit of removing the unpleasant odor. Smoke clean up typically requires cleaning of ducts as well as professional laundering of all soft goods such as linens, clothes and draperies. Carpets and Upholstery also need professional cleaning We have specialized fogging equipment to reach areas that are not accessible. Smoke clean up can be a process that may take some time. It is important to remove all of the soot and smoke so that there isn’t a lingering odor. A fire or soot loss is often a traumatic experience for the homeowner who retains the memory of that odor long after it has been put out.

Call the Professionals:
When a client calls with soot damage to their home, the best advice we can give them is to refrain from touching or attempting to clean the soot.  Then, call the professionals at ServiceMaster to get everything back to normal quickly. There are some materials that need special attention or they will be permanently damaged. Oftentimes, smoke damage comes from the very acidic soot that will settle on flat surfaces. Marble is easily etched and some furniture may be very vulnerable.

If you need a smoke damage clean up Maine call the professionals.

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We are at your service day or night. There is always a live person waiting to answer your call and we have crews standing by. We also work with virtually every insurance company. Our techs are IICRC certified. While we don’t cover the entire state of Maine we cover the following metro regions in Maine:

Portland, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Cumberland, Freeport, Brunswick, Bath, Augusta, Waterville, Lewiston, Auburn, Farmington, Rumford, Rangeley, Bethel, Bridgton, Norway, Oxford, Naples, WindhamGray.


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