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Fire Damage from Cooking - a cooking fire rages out of control over stove

Fire Damage Brunswick Maine

Fire Damage Brunswick Maine

Protein fires create an especially unique restoration challenge. Fire damage caused by burnt food can also create odor issues which are difficult to mitigate. Here are some important facts regarding this type of fire.

  1. Protein fires generally leave little visible residue, often confusing the untrained observer
  2. They create a significantly more repugnant smell than most other fires
  3. The nature of the burn causes the odor to permeate structure and furniture even more completely than other fires
  4. Require extremely thorough cleaning to remove the odor
  5. Sometimes require a sealing agent or even repainting to completely eradicate the odor
  6. May require multiple attempts and methods to achieve customer satisfaction

It is also important to recognize that perception of odor is highly individual.  There are no tools available to “measure” smell, and as a result, a homeowner may perceive odors that technicians or even neighbors cannot.  Often times, because of the strong link between smell and memory, a homeowner may experience “phantom odors” where the memory of the event causes reproduction of the odor even after thorough cleaning.

ServiceMaster’s advanced technology, training and MasterMoments program mean our customers are better informed, more satisfied and receive world-class cleaning results.

Fire Damage in Brunswick Maine – Call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration at (207) 539-4452. We have 24/7 live answering and emergency crews standing by.


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8 thoughts on “Six Facts About Protein Fires

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