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Mold Removal Falmouth Maine

Mold can cause serious health conditions especially for seniors and children. Mold is a living organism that excretes waste. It also produce  mycotoxins which are self defense mechanisms for the individual species of mold fighting for resources with other mold species. It is these mycotoxins that can be dangerous and possibly deadly to humans. Oftentimes people think that it is the spores that cause health concerns, and people can be allergic to them, but the danger is the complex and  poisonous mycotoxins that affect each person differently.

Mold removal Falmouth Maine

Falmouth Town Landing

For Mold Removal Falmouth Maine call the experts at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration. We have over 25 years of experience and are located right in Falmouth.

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Mold can be present in areas that aren’t visible such as between walls, in ceiling cavities and in subfloors. Mold will grown in anyplace there is sufficient moisture and an organic food source which includes many building materials. While the mold may not be visible they are still at work producing mycotoxins and spores which will affect health and respiratory well-being.

At ServiceMaster we have thermal imaging and scopes to look in areas that aren’t visible. We work with third party industrial hygienists to ensure that the home or business is clean and mold free when we are done. We have state certified personnel as well. It is not a simple as removing visible mold as many contractors might have you believe. Spores an linger and if they aren’t removed and can find another material on which to colonize, the mold issue will come back. Today’s homes are built with less air flow in order to save heat. This has created an environment however where mold can grow more quickly and easily.

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We are located at 60 Gray Road (Rt 100) in Falmouth. 

 Call the experts for Mold Removal Falmouth Maine 

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