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Mold Removal Brunswick Maine

Mold removal Brunswick Maine is getting to be a more and more of a sophisticated science. As homes and buildings are built to conserve energy they also trap mold indoors and tax ventilation unit.

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Mold Remediation Brunswick Maine

Maine Mold Removal

At ServiceMaster we have be remediating mold issues for almost 25 years. Mold growth is a result of excess moisture present for an extended period of time. It also needs a food source in order thrive. At ServiceMaster we will remove mold and work with you to create an environment where mold can’ t return so you can rest assured that your air quality is not being compromised.  Oftentimes mold starts because of a water loss such as burst pipes or a groundwater leak. It is important to fix those issues first or mold will return.

We work with virtually every insurance carrier as well as every industrial hygienist in Maine. By working as a team we can get your life or business back to normal quickly.

Mold in Brunswick Maine thrives on the humidity from the ocean as well as our warm summers. There are many second homes in the area which will go unattended for weeks or even months. This combination can help mold grow quickly.

Mold can be responsible for a host of health problems. The problems affect children and the elderly more severely than the rest of the population. There is no way to tell how a person will react. There are thousands of different species that each produce their own airborne spores and waste. The best way to eliminate these problems  is to have a professional mold remediation company perform the mold removal Brunswick Maine.

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