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Maine Chimney Fire Clean Up

There are several issues to consider when you have the unfortunate circumstance of a Maine Chimney Fire Clean up. Cleaning up after soot and smoke of a chimney fire is a dirty and difficult process. There are several good Chimney Sweeps in the area to have your chimney taken care of.


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Inspecting the Chimney

Most chimneys are built of brick and lined with fireproof flue tiles. A cap of mortar seals the top against the weather. A chimney that ‘s used regularly must be cleaned and inspected at least once a year.

  • Using a strong flashlight, check inside the chimney for soot buildup and any obstructions, such as birds’ nests or leaves.
  • Check the flue tiles for cracks or missing mortar.
  • On the chimney’s exterior, look for crumbling mortar between bricks and at the cap loose or missing bricks, or flashing that has corroded or pulled away from the chimney. These can cause chimney leaks.

Cleaning the Chimney

  • Clean your chimney regularly, since built-up soot and creosote may cause a chimney fire and will restrict the draft, making your fireplace or wood stove inefficient. You may want to hire a chimney sweep to do this messy job. If you do it yourself, follow these steps:
  • Cover the fireplace opening with newspaper and protect nearby furniture, carpets, and draperies.
  • Wear a dust mask and goggles.
  • Use a good steel chimney-sweeping brush to clean the chimney from up on the roof.
  • Attach the brush to a rope at least the length of the flue and chimney, and attach weights to the end of the brush.
  • Pass the brush repeatedly down to the flue bottom and up again until the brush no longer brings up large amounts of soot and creosote.
  • Use a heavy-duty, not a household vacuum to vacuum the fireplace.

Brushes and weights are available from home improvement centers and wood stove dealers. You also can buy fiberglass rods that attach to the brush. These are useful for cleaning long horizontal runs of stovepipe or for cleaning a chimney from below.

You may need professional carpet cleaning as well.

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