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Call ServiceMaster now if you have an immediate need for blood clean-up. You will always reach a person by calling 207.539.4452, 24/7/365.

Blood clean-up is a very technical process that requires the utmost care and attention to detail. Even dried blood can carry deadly pathogens so it is critical to make sure that 100% of the affected materials are cleaned and sanitized.

At ServiceMaster we have the training, expertise, equipment and personal protective gear to make sure a job is done correctly. Safety of the technicians, the homeowner or business owner and the public is our number one concern. Cleaning blood can be emotionally difficult for those closest to the victim and household products aren’t up to the task. It is critical to call a professional.

The trauma clean-up work that ServiceMaster does most often falls into one of several categories:

Blood Clean Up

Accidents happen and people sometimes get hurt. We have cleaned after accidents on the job site as well as on homes and rental units. People who are hurt generally keep moving and can also bleed over large areas. For instance, a hotel guest who was over-served, fell and hit his head. He walked three flights to his room bleeding on the hallways, stairwells and in the room. On the job, there was an accident at a machine shop and the victim ran to the bathroom, bleeding all the way. We have black lights to track the blood and powerful sanitizers to ensure that the hazard is gone.

Crime Scene Cleaning

It is imperative to not begin any cleaning until the affected area of the crime scene is released by the authorities. It cannot be disturbed while there is an investigation. Afterward, our techs will arrive on site and clean every inch of the affected area until it is fully sanitized. Only at that point can the area be used again by the public.

Suicide Clean up

It is a heartbreaking time for everyone involved and best for those closest to the victim to not undertake the incredibly emotional task of cleaning. Our techs have training and the experience to deal with the emotional aspects of suicide cleaning. It is important for the health of those living in the home to have it cleaned but also to have the affected area returned to normal.

Bodily Fluid Clean Up

Pathogens don’t just live in blood but can exist in almost all bodily fluids. We have the equipment to extract bodily fluids from carpet as well as to sanitize any floor. If the materials are affected too badly, it is usually wise to dispose of them instead of trying to clean. It can also depend how long the blood or fluids have been present on the carpet, flooring or furniture.
The quicker you can call, the quicker the area can be cleaned and made safe. We work with police and fire departments, funeral homes, employers, insurance companies and homeowners. If you need blood clean up, crime scene cleaning, suicide clean-up or bodily fluid clean up call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration. We have 24/7/365 live answering.
ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration.

How to Contact ServiceMaster Restore for your Blood Clean-Up

You can always reach a live person at ServiceMaster Clean. We provide commercial and residential tile and grout cleaning in virtually every city in the state of Maine. Areas we serve: Greater Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Falmouth, Cumberland, Yarmouth, Freeport, Brunswick, Bath, Augusta, Lewiston, Auburn, Farmington, Rumford, Bethel, Rangeley, Norway, Oxford, Bridgeton and all towns in between.

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