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Flood Clean up Water Damage Bethel Maine

Whether it is ground water in your basement from a flood, a burst pipe causing water damage Bethel Maine, or a broken sewage line, water damage clean-up can be a messy business. While the source of the water is a factor, how unsanitary water damage is can be affected by what materials the water travels through, as well as how long the water has been there.

For water damage Bethel Maine and Flood Clean up, call the local professionals. ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration has been serving Bethel Maine for twenty five years. We have IICRC certified technicians who are available 24 hours a day.

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flood clean up bethel maine

Bethel Maine

It is important to remove the moisture from the affected areas as soon as possible to stop the threat of mold. Water that is unsanitary will also carry microbial dangers that need to be cleaned and sanitized. Many materials can be dried in place but some are most often removed entirely. If water comes from an unsanitary source it is best practice to remove everything (except for stone and concrete) that has been affected.

Today’s home and business construction has become focused on heating efficiency. There fore many homes are sealed up tight and do not have proper airflow. This allows mold to grow or to stay dormant for a long time. Mold can be trapped in duct work or inside walls. When there is a water damage, mold is ready to flourish as it now has access to moisture, it has a food source and there is little air movement.

It is always best to call a professional as quickly as possible to make sure that a home is not further damaged by mold. Vacation homes and second homes that are not lived in year round are prime candidates for a water loss followed by mold damage. If this happens to you call a professional immediately and then call your insurance company.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration is available for water damage Bethel Maine as well as flood clean-up and cleaning soot, smoke, fire, mold, sewage, vandalism, carpet cleaning and rodent damage.

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