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Virus Disinfecting in Maine

Covid-19 has made us all very worried about safety. Until recently, we used to take it for granted. Until the pandemic passes there are steps we can take to give the best possible chance of creating a virus free environment.

While the virus is easily transmitted, it is actually very fragile outside the body. Common disinfectants and natural gasses such as ozone and hydroxyls will neutralize the virus almost immediately.  The virus can only linger in the air for several hours and it is reported that it cannot survive on surfaces longer than 72 hours. For safety and peace of mind, we have several processes to neutralize the virus in a home or business facility if it needs to be used by different people more often than that.

Fogging and Spraying:A ServiceMaster professional uses Thermal Fogging to neutralize virusesSince the virus can linger on surfaces and in the air, one of the most effective methods of destroying the virus is by putting it in direct contact with a virucide or disinfectant. At ServiceMaster we use different types of machines to do that. One will create a vapor particle that is two microns in diameter which will saturate the air and evenly coat surfaces. For industrial spaces we also use sprayers that easily treat hard surfaces quickly and efficiently. In some cases A ServiceMaster professional stands on scaffolding and sprays the ceiling of a large warehousewe also combine these services with the handwiping of high-touch areas to ensure that the areas where the virus is most likely to linger will receive special treatment. We use only EPA-registered disinfectants. Usually a home or business is safe to return to an hour after either fogging or spraying.


Ozone/ Hydroxyl: The virus is organic and has a thin outer wall that contains the RNA which Ozone structure: 03 with 1 charged or energetic oxygen molecule with a weak bond to a central oxygen, and another oxygen with a strong bond to the central the source of its replicating abilities. Both ozone and hydroxyls are naturally occurring molecules that will break down the outer wall and neutralize the virus. (We don’t use the word kill because it isn’t technically “alive” like other microorganisms.) Ozone is made up of three oxygen molecules and will bond, on contact, with any carbon-based molecule. While that includes the virus, it will do the same with people, pets and plants so we use ozone in controlled environments only. Hydroxyls are created by sunlight traveling through the atmosphere. They are nature’s deodorant and will also break down the virus on contact. While they are safe to be around, we recommend a high concentration which means running our hydroxyl generators for at least 12 hours. For more information watch this video.

Heat/ Extraction: Person Steaming Carpet in homeFor carpets and floors we use truck-mounted cleaning machines. The virus can’t live in temperatures above 140 degrees. Our machines use hot water that is pressurized and 200 degrees. We then remove dirt and microorganisms with an extremely powerful vacuum.


For questions or help with disinfecting or sanitizing a business or home call:

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration

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At ServiceMaster we have locations in Auburn and Falmouth, serving the Greater Portland, Yarmouth, Brunswick, Augusta, Lewiston, Oxford, Bridgton and Bethel areas.

ServiceMaster serves the Greater Portland, Yarmouth, Brunswick, Augusta, Lewiston, Oxford, Bridgton and Bethel areas.


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One thought on “Disinfecting and Sanitizing

  1. Kathleen Wall-Spector on said:

    I am moving into a home within the next week and a half. Is it possible to have the house covid-clean since both husband and I have health issues. I just had Open heart double valve replacement and cannot do any heavy cleaning.
    Thank you

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