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Cleaning Up After Zombie Apocalypse – Part II – Stains and Odor Removal

If (when) the Zombie Apocalypse comes, it will most likely be devastating to your interior décor.

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There are thousands of different stains and spots that will be created in a full blown zombie apocalypse but we will focus on several of the most common. To give this discussion structure let us go straight to Defcon 1 and imagine the worst case scenario: a dirty and bleeding zombie that is on fire who knocks over your wine cabinet with a urinating cat. While we think the chances of this are probably fairly slim, it could happen so it is best to be prepared.

Cleaning after Zombies

Zombies in Maine

The key to removing stains and spots is to neutralize the pH of the offending substance and then remove it, usually with water. In the above example there are several different types of soils that will need to be treated differently. Dirt and blood are on opposite ends of the pH scale so there is no one way to clean all of these stains at the same time. Heaven forbid that you actually set a zombie stain while trying to remove another.

 Dirt: Zombies will not have wiped there feet before entering your home and will therefore most likely track in significant amounts of dirt. If the dirt is dry, a thorough vacuuming may do the trick but if not, a soapy spray plus hot water rinse and extraction will remove most, if not all of the soil.

Blood Stains: While it isn’t elegant, a board with a nail through it is a classic weapon for fighting the undead. After a use or two there is a good chance there will be some splatter that will need cleaning.  Blood is alkaline so traditional soaps will not be effective. Use a mild acid such as vinegar. Blood also has hemoglobin which is a binding agent when it comes in contact with oxygen. Don’t scrub your carpet as it will push the stain further into the carpet.

Fire: Typically fire doesn’t stain- it will melt and discolor the carpet fibers. While smoke odors and soot can be removed, melted fibers cannot be fixed.

Wine: No one we know ever has had a malt liquor cabinet and it is a wonder why given how difficult it can be to remove red wine stains. (Think about it for your home, it would make our jobs easier.) First step is always to blot the liquid and try to remove as much of it as you can. From there, there are several home remedies such as mixtures of water as vinegar or baking soda, club soda or alcohol such as white wine or vodka.

Cat Urine: Cat urine is actually worse than a zombie infestation and can be harder to remove. The key is to get to it quickly so that it doesn’t soak into the pad or the subfloor.  We have digesting enzymes that can eliminate urine odor in but treating the pad or subfloor can be very difficult and expensive.

Removing Zombie Odors: The first principle of odor removal is to eliminate the source. A thorough cleaning and disinfecting is the first step. We can install powerful ozone or hydroxyl generators which destroy organic odor causing molecules.

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