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Carpet Cleaning Maine


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Carpet Cleaning Challenges in Maine

Maine has a unique environment and a unique climate which makes cleaning carpet a challenge. While we have humid summers, an abundance of flora and fauna, it can be our winters that do the most have to our carpets. After heavy snowfall, sand and salt are spread over roadways and sidewalks. Thanks sand and salt attach to shoes and boots which then grind that concoction into carpets.

Both the sand and the salt wear out the carpet’s fibers. They also attract more dirt and alter the ph of the carpet further damaging the fibers and the backing.

To clean a carpet, we have a different techniques than some other carpet cleaners. First we vacuum thoroughly which removes larger particles, dirt, dust and hair. Then we groom the carpet to make the fibers site up straight. After that we apply a carpet cleaning solution and let it sit for fifteen minutes while we work it into the fibers. We use only clean, hot water in our truck mounts with removes all of dirt, mites and dust all the way to the backing. This process also removes all of the soap. Some other carpet cleaning companies use a soapy solution instead of clean water to clean the carpets. This leaves a soapy residue which will then immediately start collecting dirt. Soap attracts dirt and impedes the effectiveness of Scotchgard.

In Maine we love our pets but they can track in dirt as well as insects such as mites and fleas. Rinsing carpet with hot water after grooming allows the vacuum to completely remove those pests. It also promotes a healthy and allergen free environment.

For more information and tips about Carpet Cleaning see //www.smfireandwater.com/carpet-cleaning/

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  1. I have to agree, the sand and salt does wear down the carpet like no other!!! It’s like getting sand paper and rubbing it on the carpet!!

  2. This is the second time I’ve been to your website. Thnx for sharing more details.

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