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Augusta ME Water Fire Mold Restoration

Hopefully your home or business never experiences a disaster, but if it does call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration 24/7/365 at

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We have crew who are always available to get your home back to normal and your business back up and running.

Augusta ME

Augusta ME

Water Damage, Burst Pipe and Basement Flood Cleanup:  During a water loss, it is critical to have a fast response and to extract the standing water as soon as possible. Water can wick up walls and spread through flooring quickly. High humidity can also damage contents and building materials. ServiceMaster has crews ready to remove water, dry out the building materials and your contents so you can get your life back to normal.

Fire Cleanup, Soot Cleaning, Smoke Removal:  A fire can be incredibly disruptive to your home or business. ServiceMaster can remove soot, smoke and odors so that you wouldn’t know that the fire happened. Our crews are exacting and systematic about their work.

Mold Remediation: Mold can pose an enormous threat to your health and can be very destructive to a building. ServiceMaster can clean, sanitize and seal any size mold job. We are also experts in ice blasting and soda blasting which can remove stains left by mold.

Trauma and Biohazard Cleanup: When there has been an injury or untimely death it is critical to be extremely thorough and extremely discrete. We can clean and sanitize after bodily fluid spills. We have all of the proper personal protective gear and disposal protocols to make sure everyone is safe.

Augusta ME Water DamageCase Study:

In many property disasters, there is more than one service that is required. For instance, mold is often accompanied my an ongoing water damage problem and fires typically require moving and storage. In this case, an apartment fire in the Augusta are led to a business in the neighboring building to shut down. The fire department used water to extinguish the fire which soaked the floors, some walls and creating water damage and a flooded basement. The business owner’s first priority was to get back open as soon as possible.  ServiceMaster arrived onsite and first extracted the standing water. The second step was to remove any wet building material such as the walls. While that was happening, ServiceMaster placed powerful drying equipment to ensure all of the moisture was removed and there was no threat of mold. Crews started working to clean and sanitize every inch of the dining area and the kitchen so the restaurant could open as quickly as possible.


“Two weeks ago my business experienced a disaster. A fire broke out in an apartment building adjacent to my restaurant. Nicky and her crew worked 4 solid days (including Saturday!) to help bring my store one step closer to reopening. Their thoroughness and attention to detail is amazing. My store is located in a historic building roughly 150 years old, with lots of nooks and crannies. Every member of the crew treated me, and my store, with respect. I sincerely wish I never had to meet them (well, not under these circumstances!), but I’m twice as glad that I did. I would not hesitate to highly recommend this office to anyone in need. Thank you everyone!”  – Jeff M.

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ServiceMaster has been serving Augusta for over 25 years.

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